Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 10: Server Requirements
10.7.4 Server Computer Name
You cannot change the computer name of the ShoreWare server after installation. The
ShoreWare server software uses Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), whose license
package relies on the name of the computer. Not only will the ShoreWare server not start
properly, but you will break the package security if you change the name of the computer.
10.7.5 Server IP Address
The ShoreWare server should have a static IP address to eliminate the possibility that the
server will inadvertently get a new IP address, thus adversely affecting system operation.
10.7.6 Internet Information Server (IIS) Default Web Site
The web site for ShoreWare Director is <server_name>/ShoreWareDirector. You should not
change the default IIS web site of the server to redirect to ShoreWare Director, since this
will cause navigation problems within ShoreWare Director.
10.7.7 Access to the Distributed Server Maintenance Page
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and the distributed server is configured with
an IP address rather than a server name, you must enable session cookies on your client
computer to access the Distributed Server Maintenance Page.
In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Options > Privacy tab > Advanced > Override automatic
cookies — Always allow session cookies.
10.7.8 Network Connection Before Installation
The server should be connected to the Ethernet network prior to installing the ShoreWare
software to ensure the installation properly recognizes the correct interface.
10.7.9 Workgroup Mode
The server should be configured as a “Workgroup” rather than as part of the domain to
avoid having group policies impact the DCOM / COM permissions. It is possible to place
the server on the domain after installation of the server software.
10.7.10 Microsoft Updates on the Server
ShoreTel performs weekly updates on test systems with the latest Microsoft server and
desktop patches. When releasing a new build, ShoreTel publishes Build Notes that lists the
Microsoft patches that are certified against the build. ShoreTel also highlights software
changes required by the MS patches.
The conservative approach is to turn off regular MS updates until you review the detailed
certification provided with each release.
10.7.11 Virus Protection on the Main and Distributed Servers
ShoreTel allows the use of industry standard virus protection software on the main and
distributed servers.
NOTE: The folders and sub folders MUST be excluded from Virus checker software or
disk backup/restore software.
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