Chapter 9: Network Requirements and Preparation Planning and Installation Guide
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9.10 Virtual Private Network (VPN)
With the increasing desire to leverage the public Internet, and the concern about security,
IP VPNs (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks) are becoming the secure access of
choice. IP VPNs establish secure communications between employees, branches, or
partners by using strong IP-based encryption and authentication techniques for transport
security over the public Internet.
IP VPNs are typically viewed as falling into three major categories: remote access VPNs,
intranets (company site-to-site), and extranets (business-to-business). These services are
being adopted by companies of all sizes as a result of the powerful combination of high-
speed access links and public networks. An example is the use of high-speed, low-cost
broadband DSL connectivity to enable teleworkers or branch offices to link securely with
the company network via the Internet, as if they were accessing the LAN at the office
including all network applications. A sample VPN configuration is shown in Figure 9-1.
IP VPNs can be provided via hardware or software solutions located at the remote facility
(branch office or teleworker’s home) and the customer premises. These devices or solutions
use technologies such as tunneling, encryption, and authentication to guarantee secure
communications across a public infrastructure.
All the components of your ShoreTel system must exist in the same enterprise private
network. VPNs can be used to bridge your private networks across the Internet so that the
networks for two buildings are both part of the same private network. For multiple
locations that share a private network, bandwidth calculations should include the effective
bandwidth inside the private network, rather than the raw bandwidth. Abovenet, San Jose, California TrueTime, AOL facility, Sunnyvale, California TrueTime, AOL facility, Virginia
Figure 9-1 VPN Topology
Name IP Address Location
Table 9-14 NTP Time Servers
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