Field Memory Recorder
About this manual
This manual covers all about how to use the Fostex FR-2LE Field Memory
Its explanations assume that you have basic knowledge and experience of
professional digital recording.
To understand the FR-2LE features and learn how to use the FR-2LE quickly
and roughly, we recommend reading "Chapter 1: Introduction" and "Chap-
ter 3: Names and Functions".
Chapter 2 ("Before using the FR-2LE") describes important basics about power
supply and memory cards. We recommend to read this chapter before using
the FR-2LE first time.
When supplying the power to the unit from the AC power outlet, only
use the supplied AC adaptor.
If you use any other AC adaptor, the unit may not work correctly and
there is a serious risk of damage to the unit.
Make sure that the voltage of your AC power outlet matches the
voltage requirements printed on the AC adaptor.
If you wish to use the unit in a country where the voltage of the AC
power outlet does not match your AC adaptor, ask your local Fostex
dealer or service station for purchasing an appropriate AC adaptor.
Note that the AC adaptor can be used both in 50 Hz and 60 Hz areas.
When operating the unit with batteries, use alkaline, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH
batteries, or the Tamiya (7.2V) battery.
Rechargeable batteries should be fully charged.
When removing batteries or disconnecting the AC adaptor, make sure
that the unit [POWER] switch is set to "OFF".
Removing batteries or disconnecting the AC adaptor while the power is
"ON" may damage data because the unit always transfers data between
the current card and memory.
While the unit is accessing a memory card (for example, during
recording), never turn off the power. Make sure that the unit
completely stops accessing the card before you turn off the power.
Otherwise, recorded data may be lost, as well as the memory card maybe
Note that Fostex assumes no responsibility on data loss or whatsoever
due to use of the unit.
Fostex is not responsible for any "direct damage" or "indirect damage"
caused by using the unit.
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