Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 7: MENU mode/Disk menu)
Editing a reel number (volume label) of a memory card (Reel No)
You can edit the default reel number which is given when a memory card is formatted.
In the following description, it is assumed that the FR-2LE is in the MENU mode and the main
menu screen is shown ("File >" is highlighted).
1) Use the [+] or [-] key to select "Disk >" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The display now shows the Disk menu.
2) Use the [+] or [-] key to select "Reel No >" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The display now shows the screen for editing the current reel number of the memory card.
3) Edit the reel number according to the method described on page 87.
The maximum length of a reel number string is eight characters.
4) After editing (renaming) the reel number, press the [MENU/ENTER] key to store the new
reel number.
If you attempt to store an illegal reel number, "Illegal name!" flashes on the
display and the operation is canceled.
5) Press the [STOP/CANCEL] key to exit the MENU mode.
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