Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 7: MENU mode/File menu)
File menu
Using the File menu, you can do the following regarding audio files.
1. Locates the beginning of the selected file.
2. Renames the file name of a selected file.
3. Removes a file from the ADL.
4. Restores a removed file to the ADL.
To use the File menu, at least one audio file must be stored to the current
memory card. Otherwise, "<No Entries>" is shown.
Locating the beginning of the selected file (Locate)
1) While "File >" is highlighted, press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The display now shows the playback files in the ADL.
2) Use the [+] or [-] key to select a desired file and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The file is selected and the display changes to show the screen for selecting a file menu
item. In the screen example below, File 002 is selected.
You can locate the beginning of a desired audio file in the ADL.
In the following description, it is assumed that the FR-2LE is in the MENU mode and the main
menu screen is shown ("File >" is highlighted).
An audio file created by the FR-2LE is automatically added to the ADL (Audio
Decision List). You can continuously play back the files in the ADL in the order of
creation. You can also locate the beginning of the desired audio file, as well as edit
the file name.
You can delete a desired audio file from the ADL, as well as restore the deleted file to
the desired position in the ADL.
An audio file in the ADL is called "playback file". An audio file deleted from the ADL
is called "free file".
You cannot locate the beginning of a free file (an audio file removed from the ADL).
See "Removing a file from the ADL" on page 82 for details about removing a file.
<Hint>: You can also locate the beginning of an audio file by using the [PREV] / or [NEXT]
/ key (see page 65).
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