Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 7: MENU mode/File menu)
Menu items
File menu item
• Enables or disables memory card protection.
• Enables or disables the USB device mode.
• Locates the beginning of the selected file.
• Renames the file name of a selected file.
• Removes a file from the ADL.
• Restores a removed file to the ADL.
• Formats (initializes) a memory card.
• Edits the reel number of a memory card.
• Enables or disables the resume function.
• Enables or disables the ALC/limiter functions.
• Enables or disables the HPF
• Selects the default recording format (FS/BIT) when formatting a
• Enables or disables the phantom power.
• Selects the monitor output mode.
• Enables or disables the internal speaker.
• Selects the file name mode for a file created when recording.
• Sets the default file name when the file name mode is set to
• Enables or disables the pre record mode.
• Selects the time display mode.
• Selects the remaining display mode.
• Sets the maximum file size.
• Selects the battery type for power supply.
• Enables or disables the error tone output.
• Adjusts the realtime clock.
• Viewing the ROM version.
• Initializes the Setup menu settings.
• Upgrades the software.
Menu item Function
Disk menu item
Setup menu item
USB mode menu item
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