Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 6: Exporting audio files to a PC)
You can protect a memory card. The protection setting is effective only while the unit is
in the USB mode. When a card is protected, you can read the card but cannot write data
to the card in the USB mode.
There may be a risk of destroying audio files on the FR-2LE by copying file data from a
PC to the FR-2LE by mistake. To prevent this kind of an accident, we recommend pro-
tecting a memory card in use.
Protecting a memory card
1) Turn on the power of both the PC and FR-2LE.
2) Press the [MENU/ENTER] key of the FR-2LE to enter the MENU mode.
The display shows the main menu in the MENU mode.
3) Use the [-] key to select "USB Mode" at the bottom and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The display now shows the USB Mode screen. You can now select an item of the USB mode
4) Use the [-] key to select "Card Protect" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The current setting starts flashing (by default, "Off" flashes) and you can now change the
5) Use the [-] key to select "On" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The card is now protected and the display returns to show the previous screen.
To release the card protection, carry out the similar procedure as above.
6) Press the [STOP/CANCEL] key to exit the USB mode.
Off (default)
You can only export FR-2LE data to a PC.
You can export FR-2LE data to a PC as well as import data from a PC.
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