Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 6: Exporting audio files to a PC)
4) Select "CFC000" on the desktop (see arrow 3 below).
The disk volume label in the example below shows a tentative volume label which is given
by default. If the tentative (default) volume label of the memory card has been edited
using the "Reel No." menu item on the "Disk" menu in the MENU mode, the edited label is
1) Start up Pro Tools on your PC.
2) Click on "Audio" in the Pro Tools window to bring up the popup menu of the audio region
list (see arrow 1 below).
3) From the popup menu, select the "Import Audio" item (see arrow 2 below).
The following procedure example shows how to export FR-2LE audio data to Digidesign
Pro Tools for Windows.
For details about instructions of Pro Tools, see the instruction manual supplied with Pro
Tools. (Note that the display examples shown here may be different from those you see
on your PC.)
Example of exporting audio data to a PC software application
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