Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 6: Exporting audio files to a PC)
USB connection between the FR-2LE and your PC allows you to transfer audio (BWF) files
created by the FR-2LE.
FR-2LE audio data can be copied to a hard disk on your PC, or exported to a computer
application such as Digidesign Pro Tools.
To make USB connection, connect the [USB] port of the FR-2LE to the [USB] port of your
PC using a USB cable (note that a USB cable is not supplied with the unit), and set the
"USB Mode" menu in the MENU mode appropriately (see the operation procedure be-
Connecting the FR-2LE to a PC
<Note on using the FR-2LE with a PC>
When you use the FR-2LE with your PC, operate the FR-2LE on the AC adaptor in
order to supply the stable power to the FR-2LE.
For transferring audio files, you only can use a PC which runs Windows ME, 2000 or
XP OS and supports USB connection.
Note that you cannot use a Macintosh computer or any computer which does not run
the OS above. Make sure that your PC can be used with the FR-2LE before making
Even if your Windows PC does not provide a USB connector, you can make backup
copy of data on a memory card by using a commercially available card reader for
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<Protection of a memory card>
The "USB Mode" menu in the MENU mode provides the "Card Protect" item which en-
ables or disables the protection of a memory card. When you transfer an audio file
between the FR-2LE and your PC, it is recommended to enable the protection in order to
protect audio files on the memory card of the FR-2LE (see page 76 for details).
USB cable
[USB] port
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