Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 5: Recording/playback)
Starting recording
After adjusting the recording level appropriately, you are now ready to start recording.
Each time the unit makes recording, it creates an audio file on the memory card.
Note that the unit cannot make additional recording to an existing audio file.
<Tip>: You can lock the operation panel by
pressing the [+] /
key while holding
down the [SHIFT] key. When you lock the op-
eration panel, the "key" icon is shown on the
display and all keys on the operation panel
except the [REC] and [REC STBY] keys are dis-
abled for preventing accidental operation.
<Tip>: The unit automatically closes the file every one minute. Therefore, if unexpectable
power failure or accident happens while operating the unit using the AC adaptor, you do
not lose the data recorded before the trouble happens.
1) While the unit is in the input monitor mode, slide the [REC] key to the right.
The unit creates a new audio file on the memory card and starts recording.
If you set "Pre Rec" to "On", recording starts with 2 seconds of audio data stored in the
buffer (see page 58).
The file name for the new audio file is given according to the "File Name Mode" setting
(see page 58).
If you start recording by sliding the [REC] key to the right while the unit is
not in the input monitor mode, it takes approximately one seconds until the unit
starts recording. To prevent missing the beginning of the material to be recorded, it is
recommended to make the input monitor mode active before you start recording.
2) To stop recording, press the [REC STBY] key (or the [STOP/CANCEL] key).
If you stop recording by pressing the [REC STBY] key, the input monitor mode is
maintained. If you stop recording by pressing the [STOP/CANCEL] key, the input
monitor mode is released.
Recorded audio files are automatically set to the ADL (Audio Decision List)
and can be played back continuously in the order of creation. All files in the ADL are
displayed on the screen when you select the File menu from the main menu of the
MENU mode. You can delete a desired audio file from the ADL, as well as restore the
deleted file to the desired position in the ADL. See pages 83 and 84 for details.
[REC] key
<Tip>: By connecting the unit to your personal computer, you can import a recorded
audio file (BWF or MP3) to the personal computer (see page 69).
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