Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 5: Recording/playback)
The maximum size of an audio file is set to "2 GB" by default. We recommend you to
set the maximum file size depending on the file size your personal computer can
The maximum file size can be selected between "2 GB" and "4 GB" via the "Max File
Size" item on the "Setup" menu in the MENU mode (see page 105).
Maximum file size setting (if needed)
Via the [PHONES] or [MONITOR OUT] jacks, you can monitor recording or playback
audio signals. During recording, the internal speaker is disabled by default. You can
select whether you monitor the signals in mono or stereo using the "Monitor Mode"
item on the "Setup" menu in the MENU mode. By default, the "Monitor Mode" item is
set to "Stereo" (see page 96).
Monitor output mode setting (if needed)
The error tone can be output to warn you when;
• the remaining time of the memory card gets shorter than the specified time.
• the battery voltage lowers the certain level.
You can enable or disable the error tone via the "Error Tone" item on the "Setup"
menu in the MENU mode. The default is "Off" (disabled), so if you want to enable it,
change the setting to "On" (see page 107 for details).
Error tone output setting (if needed)
During recording, the recorder automatically quits recording and stops if the
file size reaches the maximum file size. Note that if you use a memory card whose size is
less than the maximum file size, the recorder stops recording at the point when there is
no more recording space left.
While the unit is battery-powered, do not unnecessarily raise the monitor level
for reducing battery power consumption.
By default, the time display mode is "ABS".
In this mode, the time counter starts from the beginning of the first audio file which is
set to zero (ABS 0) and indicates the elapsed time from "ABS 0". Time is counted
continuously throughout all audio files.
You can select the time display mode from among "ABS", "PRG" and "24H" (see page
103 for details).
Time display mode setting (if needed)
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