Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 3: Names and functions)
Warning message screen
In a case that the operation is inappropriate, entered data is illegal, or an error
happens, a warning message screen may appear on the display.
The following shows available warning message screen with comments including
remedies. If you encounter any warning message, immediately cope with the trouble.
This message appears when batteries for operating the FR-
2LE are exhausted. The FR-2LE automatically shuts down af-
ter showing this warning message.
Replace batteries with new (or fully charged) ones.
This message appears when the battery for operating the in-
ternal realtime clock is exhausted. This message appears when
turning on the power.
Ask your local Fostex dealer or sales office for replacing the
This message appears when the memory card inserted to the
slot has a problem.
Replace the card with another one.
This message appears when the current memory card does
not have enough remaining space for recording.
Replace the card with another one which has enough remain-
ing space.
MENU mode screens
By pressing the [MENU/ENTER] key while stopped,
the FR-2LE enters the MENU mode and the dis-
play changes to show the MENU mode screen.
In the MENU mode, the File menu, Disk menu,
Setup menu and USB Mode menu are available.
Each menu has various menu items, from which
you can make desired settings according to your
system or purpose.
"" at the right of a menu title shows that the menu has more than one pages.
See "Chapter 7: Menu mode" starting from page 77 for details about the MENU
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