Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 2: Before using the FR-2LE)
• Removing a card
1) While the power is off, open the protection cover and press the eject button.
The eject button is "2-position" type, and when you press it once, the button is
2) Press down the eject button again (to depress the button).
The memory card is ejected from the slot. Take out the card by hand.
The following describes how to remove a memory card from the slot.
It is assumed that a memory card (regardless of whether it is the supplied memory
card or another one) is inserted to the slot.
When you remove a memory card from the slot, make sure that the unit is
powered off.
Press lightly. Only the button is raised.
Press down deeply. The card is ejected, while the
button is depressed down.
If you turn on the unit after removing the card, the display shows "<<No Disk>>".
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