Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 2: Before using the FR-2LE)
About the internal realtime clock
The FR-2LE offers the internal realtime clock. The current time data of the realtime
clock is shown on the display.
The time data of the realtime clock can be used as a file name when a new audio file is
created on the card (i.e. the file name shows the creation date/time of the file) or a time
stamp on the BWF file.
By default, when an audio file is created, the realtime clock data is automatically
used as the file name (we call it "default file name"). The file name is shown on the display as
in the example below (pointed by the arrow).
You can select the default file name between "realtime clock data", "scene name + take num-
ber" and “Reel Number + File Number” from the "File Name Mode" menu item on the "Setup"
menu in the MENU mode. Also, when the "scene name + take number" option is selected in
this menu item, you can set the desired scene name and take number using the "Default
Scene Name" menu item on the "Setup" menu in the MENU mode.
* See "Selecting default file name type" and "Setting the default scene name" on pages 98
through 101.
The FR-2LE is equipped with a lithium battery which operates the realtime clock.
Normally, the battery life is approximately four or five years. When battery voltage drops
down to a certain level, the following warning message appears (the warning message can be
dismissed by pressing the [MENU/ENTER] key).
If this warning message appears, ask your local Fostex dealer or service station for replacing
the lithium battery (the battery cannot be replaced by a user).
File name
By default, the realtime clock is adjusted to the local time of the factory when
shipped. Therefore, set the time to your local time before using the unit.
You can adjust the realtime clock via the "Adjust Real Time Clock" menu item on the "Setup"
menu in the MENU mode. See "Adjusting the real time clock" on page 108 for details.
Realtime clock data
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