Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 2: Before using the FR-2LE)
44.1kHz/16 bit, BWF file mode.
44.1kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode.
48kHz/16 bit, BWF file mode.
48kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode.
88.2kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode.
96kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode.
MP3 192 kbps compressed file mode.
BWF: BWF stands for "Broadcast Wave Format" and is a standard audio format created
by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union). You can exchange BWF audio data between
computers and audio workstations.
MP3: MP3 stands for "MPEG-1 Audio Layer3" and is a compressed audio format. The
compression ratio of MP3 is relatively high. For example, an audio data which requires
500MB when it is recorded in the BWF format can be compressed to 70MB when it is
recorded in the MP3 format.
3) Use the [+] or [-] key to select the desired recording format, and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The selected recording format is confirmed and the display returns to the previous screen.
4) Use the [-] key to move the cursor to "[EXECUTE]" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The display now shows the following warning message.
If you do not format the card, select "[CANCEL]" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
5) Use the [REWIND] key to move the cursor to "[EXECUTE]" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The unit starts formatting. When formatting is successfully completed, "Success." is shown
and the unit stops accessing the card.
6) Press any operation key of the unit.
The display now shows the Home screen.
The following example shows the Home screen which appears after formatting with
"BWF48/16" recording format.
Recording format
Remain value
* For the recording time on a card after formatting, see page 54.
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