Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 2: Before using the FR-2LE)
Battery remaining indication
In addition to the battery indicator, the FR-2LE provides the error tone function
which generates the error tone from the internal monitor speaker (or from head-
phones output) when the battery power drops down to a certain level.
You can make the error tone output setting from the "Error Tone" menu item on
the "Setup" menu in the "MENU mode". See "Setting error tone output condition"
on page 107.
Adequate battery power re-
Battery power remains half.
You should replace batteries.
If you continue to use the unit after the "BATT"
indicator gets shorter and batteries are exhausted, the dis-
play shows the warning message as shown right and the
unit automatically shuts down.
When operating the unit with batteries, you should al-
ways pay attention to the battery power condition.
When the FR-2LE operates with batteries, you can roughly know the battery condi-
tion via the battery indicator at the bottom of the display. We recommend paying
attention to the battery indicator in order not to miss the timing of battery change.
Note that the battery indicator does not show the condition precisely, therefore
regard it as a rough guide.
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