Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 2: Before using the FR-2LE)
Used batteries should be disposed following to your local regulations to avoid
problems of environmental pollution.
• Reducing the battery power consumption
The following shows tips for reducing battery power consumption to extend the
battery life.
The lower the input impedance of a device connected to the FR-2LE's output
connectors (MONITOR OUT), the less battery power the unit consumes.
The lower the output level of headphones or internal monitor speaker, the less
power consumption.
If you do not use the unit for a long period of time, you should remove batteries
(when batteries are inserted, the unit consumes little power even though the
[POWER] switch is set to "OFF").
The chart below shows the expected battery life of continuous operation by type.
Note that it depends on the circumstance the FR-2LE is used (temperature, humid-
ity, the number of recordings) and battery manufacturers, therefore, use the chart
just for your reference.
The FR-2LE can indicate remaining battery life, as well as can generate the error
tone when the power voltage drops down to the specific level. See "Battery remain-
ing indication" on page 26 for details about the voltage indication, and see page
107 for details about error tone output.
Ni-MH (4.8V) Alkaline (6V)
approx. 4 hours
(using 2150 mAh)
approx. 4 hours
(using 2300 mAh)
Wipe terminals of the battery case and batteries with a dry cloth on occasion.
If terminals are dirty, the voltage supplied to the unit may drop down.
4) After inserting the battery case (or a Tamiya battery) to the unit, close the compartment
Tamiya Battery (7.2V)
approx. 8 hours
(using 3600 mAh)
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