Field Memory Recorder
This manual is described according to the following conventions.
1. The following abbreviations are sometimes used.
CompactFlashTM card -> CFC
Sampling frequency -> FS
Realtime clock -> RTC
Personal computer -> PC
2. The names of keys, switches and connectors of the FR-2LE used in this manual
match their labels on the panel.
Playback key -> the [PLAY] key
Power switch -> the [POWER] switch
Analog input connectors -> the [ANALOG IN] connectors
3. The on-screen messages and switch position names are surrounded by " ".
4. The on-screen messages and items, as well as the indicators on the panel,
"light" or "flash".
5. "Notes" give a tip or advice for using the FR-2LE powerfully and skillfully.
Manual conventions
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