Field Memory Recorder
Locate Used to locate the beginning of the selected audio file.
Rename Used to rename an audio file.
Remove Used to remove an audio file from the ADL (Audio Decision List).
Prev. Insert Used to restore a removed audio file to the ADL.
1) File menu (See page 80 for details.)
Includes five menu items regarding audio files.
Next Insert Used to restore a removed audio file to the ADL.
Format Used to format a memory card.
Reel No. Used to edit the reel number of a memory card.
2) Disk menu (See page 86 for details.)
Includes three menu items regarding memory cards.
Resume Used to enable or disable the resume function.
Chapter 3: Names of Functions
This chapter describes names and functions of keys and controls on the
front and top panels, as well as those of connectors on the left and right side
panels. If you are familiar with digital equipment, you may roughly under-
stand the FR-2LE functions by looking through this chapter.
Chapter 4: Basic connection
This chapter describes basic connection between the FR-2LE and external
devices. It includes details about how to connect analog audio signals, as well
as how to connect a PC to the unit via [USB] connector.
Chapter 5: Recording/playback
This chapter describes analog audio recording/playback using the FR-2LE.
Descriptions for storing cue points, as well as the skip and locate functions,
are also included.
Chapter 6: Exporting audio files to a PC
This chapter describes how to copy recorded audio file data (WAV file/MP3
file) to a PC hard disk and how to export data to a computer application
software such as the Digidesign Pro Tools.
Chapter 7: MENU mode
This chapter describes details about each menu items in the MENU mode.
Four menus are available in the MENU mode. Each menu includes various
menu items as shown below. (Note that menu items may change when the
FR-2LE is upgraded.)
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