Field Memory Recorder
Precautions on installation
Do not install the unit in the following conditions.
in a extremely hot or cold place
in a moist place
in a shaky or unstable place
in a dusty place
in a strong magnetic field or near a device which generates a
magnetic field
in the direct sunshine
in the direct rain or water
Notes on moisture condensation
When you bring the unit from a cold place to a warm place, moisture
may condense on the drive, display, panels, etc.
In such a case, leave the unit for a while until it warms up and
evaporates any moisture.
Brief guide to this manual
This manual is intended to be used as a guidebook for using the Fostex FR-
2LE Field Memory Recorder.
The manual is divided into Chapters. Each Chapter covers instructions for a
specific subject or feature of the FR-2LE which you should know for using the
unit, as well as safety instructions, precautions, etc. Please retain this manual
at hand so that you can read it whenever necessary.
<Manual organization>
The following shows a brief introduction of each chapter, though you may
know the contents of each chapter from the "Table of Contents".
Chapter 1: Product overview
This chapter describes the brief introduction of the FR-2LE, as well as main
Chapter 2: Before using the FR-2LE
This chapter describes some notes on the power supply, as well as memory
cards including the initial format.
Read this chapter before using the FR-2LE for the first time.
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