Field Memory Recorder (Chapter 7: MENU mode/Setup menu)
1) Use the [+] or [-] key to select "Setup >" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The display now shows the Setup menu.
Enabling or disabling the error tone function (Error Tone)
This menu item selects whether or not outputting the error tone.
The error tone can be output when battery voltage becomes low or the remaining space of
the memory card becomes less than one minute (see the bottom of this page for details).
In the following description, it is assumed that the FR-2LE is in the MENU mode and the main
menu screen is shown ("File >" is highlighted).
2) Use the [+] or [-] key to select "Error Tone: ***" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
The current setting starts flashing and you can now change the setting (by default, "Off" is
3) Use the [+] or [-] key to select "On" or "Off" and press the [MENU/ENTER] key.
You completes the setting and the display changes to show the previous screen.
4) Press the [STOP/CANCEL] key to exit the MENU mode.
The error tone is output in any of the following conditions:
Condition Error tone type
When the battery voltage lowers the certain level.
When the remaining time of the memory card gets less
than one minute during recording or record standby.
You can select either of the following options.
Off (default) The error tone cannot be output.
On The error tone can be output.
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