Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 69
Problems and Solutions
Table 7 shows common problems and solutions.
Table 7: Troubleshooting
Problem Solution
When your callers try to leave a
message, they are notified that your
mailbox has exceeded its limit and is
unable to accept new messages.
Your mailbox is full. You must delete
messages you no longer need.
Your phone’s display shows “No
Your phone is temporarily inoperable.
Contact your ShoreTel Connect
administrator or authorized contact.
Your phone’s display is blank. Try the following solutions:
Your phone might be in power-saving
mode. Go off hook or press any key to
bring the phone screen back to full
The phone might not be connected to a
working power source. Contact your
ShoreTel Connect administrator or
authorized contact.
You hear no dial tone when you take
the handset off hook, but you hear a
dial tone when using either the
speaker or a headset.
The handset cable must be plugged firmly
into place on both the phone base and the
handset. To ensure a tight connection,
unplug and reconnect the cable at both
points, clicking the jack firmly into place.
Take the handset off hook and listen for a
dial tone.
The phone displays the message
“Service unavailable at this time”
when you try to dial a call from the
keypad, visual voicemail, Directory, or
The phone is out of service because of a
switch issue or because an administrator
has put it out of service. When a phone is in
this state, you can access visual voicemail,
Directory, and History, but you cannot make
calls from the phone.
The mailbox warning is triggered when there is space for only 10 additional messages in your voice
mailbox. As your voice mailbox approaches its limit, a warning message is played indicating that there
is enough space for only “n” number of messages, where “n” is a countdown from 10 to 0. This
message is played each time you log into the voicemail system until you delete enough messages to
reduce the number of messages below the threshold.
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