5User Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g
Before You Start About This Book
About This Book
This book is intended for those who use the ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g in a ShoreTel Connect
CLOUD or ShoreTel Connect ONSITE system. It describes the phone’s features and how to use them.
This document is divided into the following chapters:
Chapter 1, Getting Started on page 6, provides an overview of the phone and describes how to set
up the phone and use it for common tasks.
Chapter 2, Customizing Your Phone on page 32, explains how to customize your phone through
features such as availability states and ring tones.
Chapter 3, Using Advanced Features on page 44, describes how to use the phone to perform
advanced tasks, such as making conference calls.
Chapter 4, Using Voicemail on page 50, describes how to use visual voicemail and the voicemail
system to listen to messages and perform other tasks related to your voice mailbox.
Chapter 5, Troubleshooting on page 68, provides information about simple approaches to
addressing issues with your phone.
The following typographical conventions are used in this document:
Related Documents
The following documents are also available:
Quick Reference provides shortcuts for performing common tasks with the phone.
Quick Install Guide describes the ports on the back of the phone and how to adjust the tilt angle of
the phone when it is used on a desk. For international audiences, the Safe Installation Guide
provides the same information through illustrations.
IP480/480g/485g Wall Mount Safe Installation Guide describes how to mount the phone on a wall.
400-Series IP Phone Wall Plate Mount Safe Installation Guide describes how to mount the phone
on a wall plate.
Font Description
Bold Keys that you press on the phone
Blue Cross references with hyperlinks. Click the blue text to go to the indicated
section. All chapters have a list of section links on the first page.
Note: Table of Contents entries are also links, but they are not blue.
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