Using Voicemail Replying to Messages in Visual Voicemail
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 55
Replying to Messages in Visual Voicemail
1. Press the Voicemail button.
2. At the prompt, enter your voicemail password.
Your voicemail inbox is displayed.
3. Press the More soft key.
4. Press the More soft key again.
5. Do one of the following:
To reply to only the person who sent the message, press the Replysoft key.
To reply to the sender and all who received the message, press the More soft key and then the
Reply All soft key.
The Compose Voicemail page is displayed.
6. If you want to add additional recipients to the voicemail message reply, add more recipients as
a. Press the To... soft key.
b. Press the and navigation keys to scroll through the displayed Directory to select the
recipients, and press the Select soft key when each intended recipient is highlighted.
c. Press the List soft key to verify that you have included the proper recipients, and then do one
of the following:
If you have included names you don’t want to include, highlight the name and press the
Deselect soft key.
If you want to return to the Directory to select more names, press the Directory soft key
and repeat Step 6b.
If you are satisfied with the list of recipients you’ve selected, press the Back soft key to
return to the Compose Voicemail page.
7. If you want to change the Subject label for the voicemail message, do the following:
Press the navigation key to scroll to the Subject menu item, and press the Edit soft key.
Press the Clear soft key to delete all the text.
The Backspace soft key to delete some characters.
Press the 1 -> aA soft key to toggle through and select the desired text-entry mode, and then
use the key pad to enter the text you want to use for the Subject line.
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