Using Voicemail Composing Messages in Visual Voicemail
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 53
If you want to listen to your messages through your headset, press the button. (For
wireless headset, take your headset off hook.)
If you want to listen to your messages through the speakerphone, you do not have to do
anything. By default, messages are played over the speaker phone.
5. Choose one of the following actions:
To play the message, press the Play soft key. While the message is playing, you can do any of
the following:
To pause while listening to the message, press the Pause soft key.
To rewind the message a few seconds, press the Skip Back soft key.
To move a few seconds ahead in the message, press the Skip Fwd soft key.
To stop playing the message, press the Stop soft key.
To delete the message, press the Delete soft key.
To call the person who left the message, press the Call back soft key.
To save the message, press the More soft key and then press the Save soft key.
To see more details about the message, such as the subject line or the sender’s email
address, press the More soft key and then press the Open soft key.
6. When you’re finished, press the Exit soft key.
Composing Messages in Visual Voicemail
1. Press the Voicemail button.
2. At the prompt, enter your voicemail password.
Your voicemail inbox is displayed.
3. Press the More soft key.
4. Press the More soft key again.
5. Press the Composesoft key.
The Compose Voicemail page is displayed.
If your ShoreTel system is configured to notify you that new or saved messages will be
deleted after a certain number of days, you receive this type of notification as a message in
your visual voicemail inbox. The notification appears as a message from yourself. When you
select the message, the notification is displayed as a warning in a pop-up message on the
phone rather than played as an audio file. After you view the pop-up message, you can delete
the message by pressing the Delete soft key.
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