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ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 51
Voicemail Overview
A blinking red light in the upper right corner of your phone and the icon at the top of your phone’s
display screen indicate that you have unheard voicemail messages. With the ShoreTel IP Phone 480/
480g, you can access your voicemail messages using either of the following methods:
Visual voicemail, available using your phone’s interface, lets you see details about your messages
and listen to messages in any order you choose. To interact with your voice messages, you use
soft keys on the phone, rather than relying on audio prompts as you would in traditional voicemail.
The ShoreTel voicemail system, which you access by dialing into the system, provides traditional
voicemail that you navigate through a series of audio prompts.
This chapter describes both methods of accessing voicemail.
Using Visual Voicemail
With visual voicemail, you can access and interact with messages through the display on your phone.
At a glance, you can see the following information about the messages in your voice mailbox:
The name and phone number of the person who left the message
The date or time of the message
Whether the message is a broadcast message and whether it is marked urgent, private, or return
receipt requested
The most recent message is listed first.
The number at the top of your phone’s main display indicates the number of unheard messages. In
your visual voicemail inbox, the number at the top indicates the number of messages in your inbox.
Unheard messages are displayed in bold text. Messages that you have already listened to are
displayed in regular text.
As you listen to a message, a progress indicator shows your current point in the message. At any
point, you can pause, skip back, or skip forward.
You can also use the visual voicemail interface to record a new voicemail message and designate the
recipients, include a subject label for the message, mark the message as urgent, mark the message as
private, and request a return receipt. You can also easily forward a message to one or more recipients
or reply to one or more recipients.
Table 6 describes the icons displayed in visual voicemail.
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