Using Advanced Features Paging
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 47
If your phone and other phones at your site are configured for paging, you can speak a message to be
heard on a connected speaker, usually overhead. Or you can use group paging to simultaneously
page all of the phones included in a list of extensions.
To use either type of paging function, your ShoreTel Connect administrator must give you access.
To send a page:
1. Dial the number your ShoreTel Connect administrator provided and wait for the confirmation tone,
and then begin speaking into the handset.
2. Hang up when you are finished.
Other Advanced Features
Your ShoreTel Connect administrator can assign a variety of features and permissions to you that you
can access through the programmable buttons on your phone. Some of these features are also
available through star codes.
Table 5 on page 48 describes these advanced features. These features are available only if your
ShoreTel Conect administrator has configured your user profile with the necessary permissions.
If you hear an error tone when you try to page, paging might not be configured at your site or you
might not have the necessary permissions to use paging. Contact your ShoreTel Connect
administrator for assistance.
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