Customizing Your Phone Changing Your Active Availability State
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 35
The availability states are as follows:
Available (the default) allows you to answer all incoming calls.
In a Meeting
Out of Office
Do not disturb
If you select a “Do Not Disturb” availability state, your phone displays the icon for all call
appearance buttons, and the call appearance LEDs light up orange. The “Do Not Disturb” option is in
effect when you specify that calls are always to be forwarded. For more information, see Specifying
Options for Availability States.
Changing Your Active Availability State
1. Press the State soft key.
The availability states are displayed, and the active state is indicated with a check mark.
2. To select a different availability state, do one of the following:
On the key pad, press the number of the desired availability state.
Press the or navigation keys to scroll to the desired availability state, and press the
OK soft key.
The availability state for your phone changes to the selected state.
Specifying Options for Availability States
1. Press the Options soft key.
2. Enter your voicemail password, and press the OK soft key.
The Options menu opens, and the Availability option is highlighted.
3. With the Availability option highlighted, press the Edit soft key.
4. Press the navigation key to scroll to the availability state for which you want to specify options,
and then press the Edit soft key.
5. Specify when to forward calls by pressing the Edit soft key, using the navigation key pad to scroll
to and highlight one of the following values, and pressing the OK soft key:
Pressing the State soft key changes the state from “Available” to “In a Meeting” or from any of the
other states to “Available” after five seconds. If you scroll through the availability states, the timer
is dismissed.
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