Customizing Your Phone Overview of Customizing Your Phone
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 33
Overview of Customizing Your Phone
You can customize your phone by setting a variety of user options. This section explains how to
customize the following user options using your telephone’s interface:
programmable buttons
availability state
ring tone
audio settings
time zone
simultaneous ring
handsfree mode (suppressing dial tone for headset users)
workgroup agent state
You can also modify user options through the ShoreTel Connect client. See the ShoreTel Connect
client documentation for more information.
Configuring Programmable Buttons
With programmable buttons, you can perform tasks with your phone by pressing just one button
instead of several. The programmable buttons on your phone can be configured through the following
If your ShoreTel Connect administrator has granted you the necessary permissions, through your
phone you can configure programmable buttons to dial an extension or external number with one
Your ShoreTel Connect administrator can assign a variety of special functions such as call
monitoring or silent coach to your call appearance buttons to provide a fast way to perform
functions by pressing just one button instead of several.
To program buttons to dial a number:
1. Press the Options soft key.
2. Enter your voicemail password, and press the OK soft key.
The Options menu opens.
3. Press the navigation key to scroll to the Program buttons option.
Because the features that you can configure for programmable buttons are a subset of what the
ShoreTel Connect administrator can configure, take caution in programming a button that your
administrator has already configured for a different function. If you want to return the button to the
administrator’s configuration, you will need the administrator’s assistance.
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