Answering and Switching Among Multiple Calls Getting Started 1
ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide 28
To take a call off hold, do either of the following:
Press the blinking orange call appearance button.
If the call is in focus (displayed in a window on the phone screen), press the Hold button.
The call is taken off hold, and the call appearance button associated with the call illuminates in
steady green.
If your phone is on hook while a call is on hold, you hear a reminder ring in 10 seconds and then at
one-minute intervals while any call remains on hold.
Answering and Switching Among Multiple Calls
With the appropriate permissions (set by your ShoreTel Connect administrator), you can receive up to
16 incoming calls at once. You are alerted to an incoming call with one or more of the following
If you receive the call while you are on another call, you hear a beep on the call.
If you have an available call appearance button, the button blinks green and you see a window
with caller ID information for the incoming call. An arrow associates the window with the call
appearance button.
If all of your call appearance buttons are occupied by programmed buttons and active, incoming,
or held calls, the focus window for any additional calls displays caller ID information and identifies
the call as “Off screen,” and the call is not associated with a call appearance button. Figure 6 on
page 28 shows an off-screen call. When a call appearance button becomes available, the oldest
off-screen call becomes associated with the newly available call appearance button.
Figure 6: Focus Window Showing an Off-Screen Call
You can move among all on-screen and off-screen incoming, active, or held calls by pressing the
and navigation keys to locate the call you want to answer or return to.
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