Do not drop the unit or give it a strong shock. The internal circuits,
display, panels may be damaged. Handle the unit with great care
because it is a precision machine.
To prevent possible electric shock and damage to the unit, do not
remove the cover or reach the inside of the unit.
Do not give a strong shock to the LCD display. The liquid used inside
the LCD display is toxic. If the liquid is spilled, do not suck it in.
If it is stained to your hand or skin, wash immediately with plenty of
<About replacing the lithium battery>
The CR500 uses a lithium battery internally. To replace the battery, ask
your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service station. If the battery is not cor-
rectly replaced, there may be a risk of explosion, etc.
Precautions on installation
Do not install the unit in the following conditions.
* In a extremely hot or cold place
* In a moist place
* In a shaky or unstable place
* In a dusty place
* In a strong magnetic field or near a device which generates a
magnetic field
* In the direct sunshine
* In the direct rain or water
Notes on moisture condensation
When you bring the unit from a cold place to a warm place, moisture
may condense on the drive, display, panels, etc. In such a case, leave
the unit for a while until it warms up and evaporates any moisture.
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