About this manual
This manual intends to be used as a guide for using the Fostex CR500 CD-
R/RW master recorder.
This manual is written assuming that you have experience of using pro-
fessional digital recorders and basic knowledge of digital recording.
By reading "Chapter 1: Overview" and "Chapter 3: Names and functions",
you may roughly understand the outline of the CR500 and how to use the
Chapter 3 can be used as the index because we not only briefly describe
functions of each control but also show the page where details are de-
"Chapter 2: Preparation before using the CR500" describes information
for using the CR500 for the first time, such as realtime clock setting and
initial formatting of the CD-R/RW disc.
For supplying the power to the unit, only use the Fostex power cable.
If you use any other power cable, the unit may not work correctly and
there is a serious risk of damage to the unit.
Only use a power cable supplied by Fostex.
If you wish to use the unit in a country where the voltage of the AC
power outlet does not match your power cable, ask your local Fostex
dealer or service station for purchasing an appropriate power cable.
Note that the unit can be used both in 50 Hz and 60 Hz areas.
Make sure that the voltage of your AC power outlet matches the
voltage requirements of the unit.
When disconnecting the power cable, make sure that the unit [POWER]
switch is set to "OFF".
Disconnecting the power cable while the power is "ON" may damage
memory data because the unit always communicates with memory data.
While the unit is accessing to a disc (for example, during recording),
never turn off the power. Make sure that the unit completely stops
accessing to the disc before you turn off the power. Otherwise, recorded
data may be lost, as well as the disc may be damaged.
Do not let water or other liquid, or metal objects such as pins,
accidentally enter the inside of the unit (especially inside of the disc
tray) because this may lead to electric shock or damage. Should water
enter the inside of the unit, turn off the power, unplug the power cable,
and consult your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service station.
Note that Fostex assumes no responsibility on data loss or whatso-
ever due to use of the unit.
Fostex is not responsible for any "direct damage" or "indirect dam-
age" caused by using the unit.
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