CD-R/RW MASTER RECORDER CR500 (Playback/Locate)
To insert a song between songs in the
play list:
To insert a song between program num-
bers 01 and 02 in the play list, for ex-
1) Move the cursor to program
number 02 and press the
[ENTER/YES] key.
2) Select a desired song to be
inserted from the song list
screen and press the [ENTER/
YES] key.
The selected song (example: 04
SCENE_004.wav) is inserted
between the songs previously set
to program numbers 01 and 02.
6) Move the cursor to "<PLAY MODE>" and
press the [ENTER/YES] key.
The currently selected play mode flashes and
you can now select the mode (the default is
The play mode set here is only effective in
the PROGRAM PLAY mode. You can select
between ALL and SINGLE.
After setting all desired song to the play
list, select the play mode for PROGRAM
8) Use the [MENU] dial to move the cursor to
"<SAVE>" and press the [ENTER/YES] key.
The play list is created and the display
returns to the Home screen shown before
starting play list setting.
7) Use the [MENU] dial to select the play mode
and press the [ENTER/YES] key.
The play mode is set and the display returns
to the previous screen.
To check the play list created, press the
] key until the PRO-
GRAM PLAY mode is selected.
The play list created is saved to the CR500
memory. If you load the same disc later
and select the PROGRAM PLAY mode, the
play list previously created is effective.
If you insert a song to the list which
has been saved, you need to save
the list again.
Continuously plays back songs
in the play list in program num-
ber order.
Plays back only the selected
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