CD-R/RW MASTER RECORDER CR500 (Playback/Locate)
Playback in the PROGRAM PLAY mode
In the PROGRAM PLAY mode, while the Home screen is shown, pressing the [PLAY] key starts
playback of the songs in the order of the play list. You can select the play mode which is only
effective in the PROGRAM PLAY mode between "ALL PLAY" and "SINGLE PLAY" (see page 59).
To make playback possible in the PROGRAM PLAY mode, the play list must be set in advance
(see below).
<Hint 1>: By enabling the repeat function, you can repeat playback until you press
the [STOP/HOME] key. You can enable or disable the repeat function by pressing
the [REPEAT] key or by using the "Repeat" menu item of the "PLAY SETUP" menu in
the MENU mode (see page 83).
<Hint 2>: You can select the song from which playback starts in either of the follow-
ing methods.
(1) Use the numeric keys in the [MEMORY/
] key group and the [CLEAE/+10]
key to enter the desired track number (see pages 50 and 68).
(2) Use the [SKIP/CURSOR ] keys (see pages 50 and 69).
(3) Select a desired song on the "FILE SEL" screen (see page 51).
If you select a song other than the first step (program number 01) in the
play list as the song from which program playback starts, the songs in the play
list prior to the selected song are not played back. For example, if you select "05"
on the screen above, only songs in program numbers 05 through 15 are played
back. Songs in program numbers 01 through 04 are not played back. Regardless
of which program number you start from, the recorder stops at the end of the
last song when finishing playback of the last song.
By default, the "Auto Play" menu item of the "PLAY SETUP" menu in the MENU
mode is set to "On", so if you select a song by using a key in the [MEMORY/
] key group, the recorder automatically starts playback of the selected
You can store the play lists for 100 discs to the CR500 system memory. If
you attempt to store a play list for a new disc when play lists for 100 discs are
already stored, the CR500 deletes the oldest play list and stores the new play list.
However, if you reload a disc whose play list has been deleted as in the case above,
its play list is automatically stored as the newest list.
By executing the "Sys Initial Memory" item of the "SYS SETUP" menu in the
MENU mode, all play lists are reset (see page 80).
<Home screen of the PROGRAM PLAY mode>
The following are notes on using method (1) above for selecting a song,
If you attempt to select a non-existing track number, "Illegal No. xx" (xx is the
number you select) is shown and the operation is cancelled.
If the same song is used in the play list more than once, selecting the song
selects the one assigned to the youngest program number in the list. For
example, let's assume that the play list has following five entries in program
number order: 02, 05, 08, 02, and 07. If you press the [2/ABC] key in the
] key group, 02 of program number 1 is selected.
Therefore, to select 02 of program number 4, use method (2) or (3).
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