CD-R/RW MASTER RECORDER CR500 (Names and functions)
Input monitor screen (available while in record ready or recording)
The screen example below shows the screen which appears after pressing the [REC
RDY] key to enter the record ready mode when a blank or additionally-recordable
CD-R/RW disc is loaded and the Home screen is shown.
This screen is shown while in record ready or recording. While this screen is shown,
the input monitor mode is enabled, so you can adjust the input levels when recording
analog audio signals.
The input monitor screen shows the following information.
Time information
Current track
Next track
Input selection
Record mode
Remaining recordable
time/remaining number
of recordable tracks
• Audio file (or audio track) information
Numbers of recorded audio files (or audio tracks) are shown. The file (or track) which
can be played back currently is highlighted. If no audio file (or audio track) is re-
corded to the disc, all boxes are blank.
When the ALL PLAY or SINGLE PLAY mode is selected, file (track) numbers are ar-
ranged from left top to right bottom in the order of recordings.
When the PROGRAM PLAY mode is selected, file (track) numbers are arranged from
left top to right bottom in the order of play list registration.
• Playback FS/Playback bit
The Fs and bit information of the playback file is shown.
CD-DA (FS44.1 and BIT CDDA are shown.) WAV file (FS and BIT information is shown as below.)
Channel status
of digital input
• Time information
The current recorder position is shown in "m:s:ms". By default, the disc elapsed time is
shown ("TOTAL" is lit on the top left of the screen).
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