CD-R/RW MASTER RECORDER CR500 (Names and functions)
[ RECORD] key
While the [REC RDY] indicator flashes, pressing this key
automatically creates a new audio file (or audio track) and
starts recording.
16. [REC RDY] key
Pressing this key switches the record ready mode on and off.
When it is on, you can monitor the input signal and adjust the
recording level (see pages 32, 42 and 47).
While the recorder is in the record ready mode, the [RED RDY]
indicator flashes. After recording starts, the indicator lights
17. Level meters
Show the recording/playback.
The nominal input level of the unit is set to "-12dB" by default.
You can change it to "-20dB" using the "Ref. Level" menu item
of the "SYS SETUP" menu in the MENU mode (see page 78).
18. [REPEAT] key
Pressing this key switches the repeat mode on and off.
When the repeat mode is on, the [REPEAT] indicator lights and
the recorder repeats playback according to the current play
mode until the [STOP/HOME] key is pressed.
When the play mode is set to "MEMORY PLAY", the
repeat playback function is disabled.
19. [OPEN/CLOSE] key
Pressing this key opens or closes the disc tray.
You can also close the tray by pushing the front of
the tray lightly.
20. [INPUT LEVEL] control
This control adjusts the input level (L and R) when recording
analog audio signals (see page 42).
21. [PHONES] level control/[PHONES] jack
The [PHONE] jack is used to connect headphones, while the
[PHONES] level control adjusts the headphone monitor level.
22. [USB (KYBD ONLY)] port
By connecting a USB keyboard to this port, you can enter a file
name or control the transport, etc. form the keyboard (see page
37). You can also connect a numeric keyboard for entering
numeric values and transport controls.
When you connect a USB keyboard, set the "Keyboard type"
menu item of the "SYS SETUP" menu in the MENU mode
appropriately (see page 78) to match the keyboard.
You can select between "JAPAN" and "US" (by default, it is set
to "US").
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