CD-R/RW MASTER RECORDER CR500 (Preparation before using the CR500)
The display now shows the "SYS SETUP"
menu, where "Default File Name " is
4) Use the [MENU] dial to scroll through the
menu and highlight "Adjust RTC ", then
press the [ENTER/YES] key.
The display now shows current clock data
which runs in realtime.
5) Press the [ENTER/YES] key again.
The clock data at the moment when
pressing the key is hold and now you can
edit the clock data.
8) Press the [STOP/HOME] key to exit the
MENU mode.
If you enter illegal data in
step 6) above and press the [ENTER/
YES] key, the display shows "Void
data!" and the display returns to the
screen where you can edit data. En-
ter legal data and press the [ENTER/
YES] key.
<Lithium battery replacement>
The unit has an internal lithium battery
which is used for driving the realtime clock.
The battery life is approximately five years.
The battery replacement is done by local
Fostex distributor's service department or
their authorized service agent.
The file creation date of the CR500
is recorded according to the internal
realtime clock. However, because "GMT" of
"UDF" is set to offset zero, there may be an
error when reading the creation date by a
UDF: Universal Disk Format
GMT:Greenwich Mean Time
• Using the [MENU] dial:
You can edit the value at the cursor
(highlighted) position. To move the
cursor, use the [SKIP CURSOR ]
• Using the numeric keys:
Each time you press any numeric key, the
entered numbers move left from the
cursor position.
For example, if you change the currently
held data to "06Y 04M 01D 10h 00m 00s",
press keys in the following order.
0 -> 6 -> 0 -> 4 -> 0 -> 1 -> 1 -> 0 -> 0 -> 0
-> 0 -> 0
7) After editing date/time data, press the
[ENTER/YES] key.
The clock starts running from the entered
date/time, while the display returns to the
screen which shows current clock data
which runs in realtime.
6) Edit date/time data using the [MENU] dial
or the numeric keys.
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