If your TV does not operate normally or cannot be turned on, please check
the following troubleshooting questions. Remember also to check any other
connected electronic device, such as DVD or blu-ray player to pinpoint the
problem. If the TV still fails to operate normally, please contact technical support
Dead. No LED lit No power to the TV. • Check all connections to the
Dead. No LED lit red Set in standby mode.
• Press either the Power button
or the Standby button on the
remote control.
Blue screen
No signal. • Press the SOURCE button to
select the correct source.
source selected.
Noisy, snowy, ghosting
picture(TV) Poor antenna signal.
• If using an indoor antenna, try
adjusting the antenna position.
Check antenna connections.
No sound
Sound "Mute". • Turn sound "Mute" off.
Volume set too low. • Check volume settings.
External leads
not connected "if used".
• Check that all external leads
are connected properly.
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