Press the MENU button on the main unit or on the remote control and then press the
buttons to select LOCK menu. Use the 0-9 buttons to input 4-digit password to enter
the LOCK 
appearing on the TV. Parental Control offers the user a wide variety of options and settings
the user the capability of defining which program rating they consider acceptable to the
younger more sensitive viewer. It can be preset and turned either on or off by the user
 
specified. General audiences and children blocks should be both programmed into the
rating systems should be used, for complete coverage. The ratings are based on the ages
of children.
a rating for MPAA, from the selections below,as well as ratings from the TV Parental
Guidelines Rating Systems below, using the Age Block option for General Audiences, and
for children. In addition to those, you may wish to add additional restrictions from the content
block menu, and submenus examples below.
Things to Consider before Setting up Parental Control
Determine which rating you consider acceptable to the viewer. (For example,if you choose
source entirely? (Blocks the signal sent by the equipment, such as VCR, connected to the
  
program "Content" based on individual parameters such as: Strong Dialog, Bad Language,
 
secret password, in the Set Password option, using the numbers keys on the remote control.
Do not forget the password, it is the only way you can access the Parental Control menu
and change rating selections, or turn Parental Control off.Do you want the Parental Control
to be active at all times? If not, you can turn it on or off with the Lock On/Off option.
 You can set different Parental Control viewing restrictions for general audiences and for
children, both can be active at the same time.
 Simply specifying one content block such as Sex Scenes, will not automatically restrict
the programming that appears from the video sources.
 Even If you choose to leave the AUX Inputs unblocked, the ratings you specify will
automatically restrict the programming that appears from the video sources.
 You can not disable Parental Control by disconnecting the TV from power. Block hours will
Parental Control
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