B. Miller Assemble
1. Please check the milling blade carefully before using the miller every time.
2. Insert the milling blade into the miller. To lock the milling blade, turn it in anti-clockwise direction. To
release the milling blade, turn it in clockwise direction.
3. Place the miller onto the motor unit. Make sure the arrow (▼) at the bottom of the miller is in line with the
unlock symbol ( ). Lock the miller by turning it clockwise to the lock symbol ( ) on the motor unit. To
release the miller, turn it anti-clockwise to the unlock symbol ( ).
Operation Note
A. Blender
1. Assemble the glass jar.
2. Plug the appliance into a socket.
3. Add ingredients into the glass jar, cover the glass jar with the lid.
4. Turn the speed control to the desired speed.
T Pulse switch Speed 1 minimum speed Speed 2 maximum speed
5. See the table of suggested speed for the blender.
6. To stop the operation, turn the speed control to off.
7. Wait until the motor stops completely, remove the glass jar from
the motor unit.
8. Unplug the appliance after use.
* Ice crush
1. Fill in a maximum quantity of 10 normal ice cubes, and close the glass jar with the lid and the measuring
2. Rotate the speed control to speed 1. As soon as the blender runs, press the ice crush button repeatedly (be
sure not to hold the button for more than 3 seconds) until the ice cubes are crushed. (maximum 60
Do not remove the lid from the
glass jar while the blender is on.
The maximum operation level is
1.5L. Do not blend more than 1.5L
Stop the blender before adding new
ingredients or use the measuring
cup to add ingredients.
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