Ice crush button
Ice crush button is preset to the best speed for crushing ice.
Control panel
A. Speed control:
Speed 1 (Minimum speed)
Speed 2 (Maximum speed)
Pulse switch
B. Ice crush button
Before first use
Unpack the blender.
Place the blender on a flat surface.
Clean the blender with a dry cloth, never immerse it in water or place it under running water.
Wash the glass jar, lid and blades in warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Caution: Wash with care. The blades are very sharp. Never touch the blades with your finger.
Assemble the Appliance
A. Blender assemble
1. Please check the blending blade carefully before using the blender every time.
2. Insert the blending blade into the glass jar. To lock the blending blade, turn it in anti-clockwise direction.
To release the blending blade, turn it in clockwise direction.
3. Place the glass jar onto the motor unit. Make sure the arrow (▼) at the bottom of the glass jar is in line
with the unlock symbol ( ). Lock the glass jar by turning it clockwise to the lock symbol ( ) on the
motor unit. To release the glass jar, turn it anti-clockwise to the unlock symbol ( ).
Note: Please ensure the glass jar is in position tightly.
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