On-Net Dialing Chapter 6: Dialing Plan
For example, if one company acquired another company and the two companies wanted to
merge their phone systems, then no two users could have the same user extension, even if
they were at different sites with different prefixes.
With OND, users will be able to call other users within a site by dialing only the user
extension. Inter-site calls would require users to dial the extension prefix plus the user
number. Off-system extensions (OSE's) will continue to be used to route calls to legacy
How It Works
As shown in the illustration above, On-Net Dialing assigns extension prefixes to each site
or to a group of sites. All calls are placed “on the network” if they are within the same
prefix, and the user need only dial the user extension. Calls preceded with the trunk access
code (usually “9”) are sent to the PSTN.
Benefits of On-Net Dialing:
Scalability – For larger organizations, On-Net Dialing enables the creation of a
common and consistent “cookie cutter” dialing plan that can be replicated
throughout an organization that has many offices. For example, a department store
might have a phone in each of its different departments with one for clothing,
furniture, kitchenware, etc. With On-Net Dialing, a user can assign the extensions
of 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 to each of these departments. By modifying the 3-
digit site code/extension prefix at each location, this approach of assigning 4-digit
extensions to departments can be replicated across an entire department store,
nationwide, so that a user who knows the extension for the automotive department
in one city could travel to another city and would know how to reach the
automotive department if he knew the site code.
Preserve existing legacy dialing plans – As mentioned before, you can preserve the
existing dialing plans when adding ShoreTel equipment to a deployment with
legacy equipment by assigning a new prefix to each new site or to users on the new
ShoreTel system.
Figure 6-7 Abbreviated 4-digit dialing with extension prefix
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