On-Net Dialing Chapter 6: Dialing Plan
Step 2 Select the options and specify numbers as needed, using Table 6-3 as a guide.
6.5 On-Net Dialing
ShoreTel 8 supports On-Net Dialing (OND), an enhancement that allows users to create
more flexible dialing plans than before. In contrast with previous releases which could only
support a “flat” dialing plan and treated all numbers as a single, indivisible unit, the On-
Net Dialing feature allows users to divide phone numbers into two separately-managed
extension prefix - typically 3 digits in length; similar in concept to a site code
Figure 6-5 Trunk Group Access Code Setting (User Edit Page Detail)
Figure 6-6 Digit Manipulation on the Trunk Group Edit Page
Defines the ACCESS CODE used
when dialing from the Call Manager.
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