Chapter 6: Dialing Plan Define Digit Manipulation
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 75
out either local site or proxy site trunks only. If the trunk used is a PRI trunk, that trunk
strips and interprets *67 to block outbound Caller ID, and *82 to unblock outbound Caller
ID. End Digit Collection (#)
In some cases, digit collection ends after a timeout period. To bypass the timeout and route
the call immediately, dial pound (#).
6.3.3 Dialing from the ShoreWare Call Manager
When you dial an external number from the ShoreWare Call Manager application, the
number is converted into canonical format, prepended with an access code, and passed first
to the ShoreWare server and then to the ShoreGear voice switch.
If a 7-digit number is dialed, the user’s site local area code is added to the dialed
The user’s Default Trunk Access Code, found in the ShoreTel Control Panel, is
added to the external number.
The Trunk Group Access Code setting in ShoreWare Director is used only to determine the
access code passed by the ShoreWare Call Manager to the ShoreWare server. It does not
dictate the actual trunk group that will be selected by default.
6.4 Define Digit Manipulation
Once the route decision has been made, the call is passed to the trunk. The dialed number,
which is normally passed within the system in canonical format, is examined and
manipulated based on the trunk group configuration. This ensures that the number can be
properly received by the service provider.
First, the trunk access code dialed by the user is removed. If the number is in canonical
format (local, long distance, ERC, international), digit manipulation can occur. If the
number is unroutable (n11, ECS, operator, and vertical service code numbers) digit
manipulation (other than the dial-out prefix) is not applied.
To specify trunk digit manipulation:
Step 1 Open the Trunk Digit Manipulation page, shown in Figure 6-6.
Figure 6-4 Dialing from the ShoreWare Call Manager
Access code, “1”, and site local area code added.
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