Define Digit Collection Chapter 6: Dialing Plan
There are several types of valid telephone numbers, which are described in the following
The ShoreTel 8 system allows the system administrator to provide users at each site with a
unique dialing plan to match the dialing plan of the site’s geographic region. The ShoreTel 8
system supports 7-digit local dialing, 10-digit local dialing, and mixed local dialing.
External numbers are converted into a standard “canonical format” by call control software
to provide a globally consistent way of handling phone numbers. The canonical format
starts with a “+” representing the international prefix, followed by the country code, area
code, and subscriber number.
External numbers that can be converted into canonical format are considered
“routable” and will leverage the network call routing feature of the call control
External numbers that are unique to the country (n11, 112, 911, and so on) are
considered “unroutable” and will not leverage the network call routing software.
These calls will be placed from the local site or the associated proxy site. Configuring 7-Digit Local Dialing
The Local Area Code on the Site edit page, shown in Figure 6-2, defines 7-digit dialing for
all users at the site. When a user dials an access code followed by 7 digits, the switching
software assumes the site local area has been dialed. The switching software then converts
the 7-digit number into canonical format before checking call permissions and doing
network call routing.
Figure 6-2 Site Edit Page
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