Define Digit Collection Chapter 6: Dialing Plan
Digit collection rules are configured through ShoreWare Director. To view the Dialing Plan
edit page, click Dialing Plan under System Parameters. Figure 6-1 shows the Dialing Plan
edit page. Planning Your Dialing Configuration
When setting up a dialing plan for internal numbers, you need to consider the following:
Choose an extension length. ShoreTel supports 3-, 4-, and 5-digit dialing for
internal numbers (4-digit dialing works for most enterprises). Use an extension
number scheme that conforms to your company’s size and the convenience of your
Map extension ranges. After choosing the extension length, you can allocate
blocks of numbers for use by extension, starting with the first number.
For example, if you want to reserve the range of numbers 3000-3999 for extension
assignment, you allocate the “3” number block for extensions.
For maximum usability, map extension numbers to the final digits of your DID (if DID
is used).
Extensions cannot begin with “911” (911, 911x, or 911xx). Digit Collection Rules
When routing calls, the ShoreTel 8 system follows the digit collection rules specified on the
Dialing Plan edit page in ShoreWare Director.
For the first digit collected, specific rules are in effect.
Figure 6-1 Dialing Plan Edit Page
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