ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 69
Dialing Plan
This chapter provides an overview of the dialing, call routing, and digit-manipulation
capabilities of the ShoreTel 8 system.
The information in this chapter is particularly useful for administrators of larger, multisite
6.1 Overview
When a phone number is dialed in a ShoreTel 8 system, the system performs two distinct
operations on a telephone number:
Digit collection. Voice switches collect the digits in a telephone number.
Digit manipulation. The switches manipulate the dialed numbers before outpulsing them
to the service provider.
In this chapter you will learn how to define what happens at each of these steps. Once you
are familiar with these concepts, we will introduce you to On-Net Dialing, a feature that
allows users to divide phone numbers into two separately-managed parts for a more
flexible dialing plan.
6.2 Checklist
Before configuring your phones (but after mapping out your network and trunk
configuration), you need to perform the tasks in the table below:
6.3 Define Digit Collection
When someone picks up a telephone in a ShoreTel 8 system and begins dialing a telephone
number, the voice switch software examines each digit in the number and determines
whether digit collection should continue or be terminated.
6.3.1 Configuring Internal Numbers
In a ShoreTel 8 system where users dial internal numbers without an access code, the rules
for digit collection are relatively straightforward.
Task Description
Define Digit Collection page 69
Define Digit Manipulation page 75
On-Net Dialing page 76
Table 6-1 Dialing Plan Checklist
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