Determine System Topology Chapter 3: Planning and System Design
See Chapter 2, starting on page 11, for information on ShorePhone telephone
Step 5 Consider your needs for additional telephone ports for third-party systems,
including conference bridges and overhead paging systems.
See Chapter 8, starting on page 91, for more information about selecting
Step 6 Determine the number of user licenses you need.
Each user on the system requires a user access license. The types of user
licenses are listed below:
Extension and mailbox: Purchase of this license entitles the user to be
assigned to both a physical extension and a ShoreTel voice mailbox.
Extension-only: Purchase of this license entitles the user to be assigned to a
physical extension, either via explicit assignment or via Office Anywhere.
Mailbox-only: Purchase of this license allows entitles the user to be
assigned to a ShoreTel voice mailbox.
An Extension-only user license is required for each conference room telephone,
lobby telephone, fax machine, modem, and SoftPhone user. Each port on a
ShoreTel Conference Bridge also requires a user license (included with the
bridge), however, a user access license is not required for trunks and
anonymous telephones.
For more information about user licenses, see Chapter 18, starting on page
Step 7 Fill in the telephone section of the Telephone and Trunk Planning Spreadsheet
(Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet), shown in Figure 3-1.
The spreadsheet is available on the ShoreTel support web site for you to use in
determining your telephone and trunk requirements. You must have Microsoft
Excel to use this tool. If you are planning a multisite implementation, complete
a telephone and trunk analysis for each site.
3.3.6 Trunk Requirements
Trunks provide connectivity between users on the ShoreTel 8 system and the public
switched telephone network (PSTN). In this next task in the system design process, you
determine the number of trunks required.
The number of trunks required on your system varies, depending on the number of users
and your specific application needs. It is important to size your trunking correctly because
not having enough trunks can lead to blocked calls when all trunks are busy, and too many
trunks can lead to wasted money on monthly access charges.
See Chapter 5, starting on page 55, for more information about trunk features, ordering,
and installation.
You have several options for determining the number of trunks your site requires:
Review the number of trunks on your current system. In general, this is one of the
best methods to gauge the number of trunks you need.
You can also request a traffic analysis from your service provider, interconnect, or
telecom manager to understand your current trunk utilization. This method will
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