Chapter 2: System Overview System Capacity
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 31
Trunk Groups 250
Number of servers 21 1 main, 20 distributed (for voice mail, auto-attendant, messaging,
directory, configuration services, and desktop call control). Each
server is certified to support up to 1,000 users.
Media streams (per server) 254 Simultaneous voice mail sessions, for example.
Media streams (total) 5,334 21 servers x 254 media streams per server. For workgroups, the
number is 254 total for the entire system, because workgroups can
only exist on one server.
Vo i c e M a i l
Mailboxes (total) 10,000 These can be distributed across the servers.
Mailboxes (per server) 3,000
Storage Unlimited Restricted by the size of disk available (1 hour of voice mail per 30
MB of disk storage).
Menus (total) 256 Every server has every menu.
Hunt Groups
Hunt groups per switch 8
Total hunt group members
per switch
Workgroups (total) 128
Members per workgroup 300 Top down, round robin, and longest idle hunt pattern.
16 Simultaneous ring.
Calls in Queue per Queue 254 Overflow is directed to the workgroup backup extension.
Call Detail Record
Storage 1.5 GB
(MySQL has
a capacity of
500,000 workgroup calls, OR
1.5 million extension-to-extension calls, OR
1.0 million combined call records
Implementing a database of this size typically requires 4.0 GB of
disk space, including disk space for the main database (1.5 GB), the
archive database (1.5 GB), and temporary space required to
generate reports (1.0 GB).
Call Managers
Call Managers (total) 10,000
Call Managers (per server) 1,000
Personal 10,000
Advanced 10,000
Workgroup Agent 500
Workgroup Supervisor 128
Operator 200 250 monitored extensions maximum.
Music on Hold (MOH)
Music on Hold (MOH) 15 One switch can provide MOH for up to 15 switches per site.
Component Capacity Notes
Table 2-2 ShoreTel 8 System Capacity
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