Voice Switches Chapter 2: System Overview
2.9.8 Office Anywhere
Office Anywhere allows users to maintain an on-system extension presence at an external
PSTN number. A mapping is created between a user's office phone extension and his cell
phone or PSTN phone number (at his home office), making it appear as though his PSTN
phone is part of the ShoreTel system. The feature allows the user to manage the call via
PCM, so while the conversation occurs over the cell phone or home phone, the call appears
via PCM and can be acted upon using many of the features available via PCM.
2.10 Voice Switches
The ShoreGear voice switches provide the physical connectivity to voice endpoints and
provide a highly reliable, highly scalable platform for the ShoreWare distributed call
control software. The call control software runs on top of VxWorks, a real-time embedded
operating system designed specifically for mission-critical applications. The voice switches
have FLASH memory that allows permanent storage of the call control software and
configuration information. Except for a highly reliable fan, the voice switches have no
moving parts (for example, no hard drive). Internal sensors automatically monitor the fan
as well as the temperature, and if any failure occurs the system can automatically notify the
system administrator, through e-mail if desired. The voice switches include the necessary
Digistal Signal Processor (DSP) technology to enable toll-quality voice, with features such
as echo cancellation, voice compression, and silence suppression.
Each ShoreGear voice switch connects to the IP network using a 10/100M Ethernet
interface. If more sites or ports are required, you simply connect additional ShoreGear
voice switches to your IP network. The system is inherently scalable, unlike legacy PBX
systems that have hardware growth limitations with line cards, shelves, cabinets, and
ShoreGear voice switches reboot in less than 60 seconds, providing fast fault recovery.
ShoreGear voice switches feature a backup operator in case the site operator is unreachable
due to network outages.
Refer to Appendix G, starting on page 303 for a complete description of all ShoreGear
2.11 ShoreTel IP Phones and Devices
Both analog and IP telephones are available from ShoreTel. With ShoreTel IP phones, you
create an end-to-end IP network, or a single-wire-to-the-desktop solution. The ShoreTel IP
phone’s intuitive user interface gives the user a high comfort level when performing phone
For specific information about the supported capacity for IP and analog telephones on the
ShoreTel 8 system, see Table 2-2 on page 30.
2.11.1 ShorePhone-AP100
The ShorePhone-AP100 telephone provides a cost-effective analog solution for business
Key features include:
Large display for caller name, number, and directory access
High-quality speaker telephone
Menu access to common features
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